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  1. What product does Hard Rock Concrete use for all of its overlay projects?
  2. How thick is Armor Deck?
  3. Will Armor Deck crack?
  4. How strong and durable is Armor Deck?
  5. How is Armor Deck applied?
  6. How thick is Armor Deck?

What product does Hard Rock Concrete use for all of its overlay projects?

We us a product called Armor-Deck, which is a concrete resurfacing material especially formulated with epoxy and acrylic for enhanced bonding and additional tensile strength.

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Can Armor-Deck be applied to steps, driveways and walls?

Armor-Deck can be applied to concrete steps including risers and treads as well as concrete driveways that handle vehicular traffic without any affect on its durability or longevity. It can also be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces such as walls and outdoor seating ledges.

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Will Armor-Deck crack?

Armor_Deck is applied to an existing surface, therefore if there is an existing defect, although we will make some basic repairs to try and fix the defect, it is very probable that the crack could reappear. Our design specialists will help you design a layout that will help to "hide" any potential defects.

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How strong and durable is Armor-Deck?

Various grades of concrete average in the 2,500 to 3000 PSI range. Armor-Deck is 9000 PSI.

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How is Armor-Deck applied?

Armor-Deck is troweled, sprayed or it may be rolled on to the surface. Armor-Deck stone and tile patterns are troweled and manipulated to create specific designs.

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How thick is Armor-Deck

Armor-Deck is applied between 1/8 and thick on existing concrete.

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